• Renegade-X is the latest installment of the Command and Conquer universe that started it all for St0rm.net. Building upon years of history and experience from Command and Conquer: Renegade, St0rm.net is proud to have in place 4 servers that will retain core aspects of the old game yet bring fresh ideas, players, and modifications.

    It is envisioned that St0rm.net will reacquire the fun atmosphere of old once more, only much better. St0rm.net welcomes veterans and new players alike, as Renegade-X is a brand new start with some epic times ahead. Focusing on the First/Third person arcadic style shooter of the past, Renegade-X delivers asymmetrical warfare like no other. With the finesse of an AAA franchise but the ubiquitousness of its fun and quick gameplay, Renegade-X will never be short of fun and we hope you will join St0rm.net to share such times.
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    Since Totem Arts already released two hotfixes since 5.12, we have updated our server:
    [St0rm.Net] Extreme AOW is ...
    by Published on 02-25-2014 12:31 PM

    Renegade X has been released and St0rm.net provides four servers for it.

    St0rm.net All Out War #1 [US]
    St0rm.net All Out War #2 [US]
    St0rm.net Marathon AOW #1 [US]
    St0rm.net Marathon AOW #2 [US]

    You can find more infos about our servers here

    To join the IRC channels use the !join renx command in #st0rm

    Download Renegade X from the official Download Site or from our Mirror here.
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    With Renegade-X's Launch data rapidly approaching, we thought it would be time to start preparing you for what we will be doing with the game. We are starting a thread that will contain all of the information about our servers, including:

    • Basic Server Info
    • Game Modes
    • Rules
    • The St0rm Effect
    • And more...

    To learn more, please click here.


    Wilo S.
    St0rm Network Founder
    by Published on 02-17-2014 11:09 PM

    Hey everyone!

    We have made the application process a lot easier for you! To apply to become a moderator for Renegade X Servers you simply need to go to this link HERE. You can also reach the application page by selecting "Community" in the Navbar, then select "Staff Applications".

    Simply fill out the form and it will open an application for you!

    Once an application has been opened, users will be able to comment and discuss your app. You will also be able to reply and discuss the application within the thread.

    Once a decision is made about the application it will be closed with the final decision.


    Wilo S.
    St0rm Network Founder

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