• The St0rm.Net Minecraft server is one of the older St0rm servers. St0rm.Net had a Minecraft server online since the alpha version of the game. The server has changed through the times like the game itself. St0rms vanilla Minecraft server runs different gamemodes. From normal Survival to PvP there is a variety of different worlds in which players can build, explore and fight each other.

    Lately St0rm hosts a Feed-The-Beast modpack server in addition to the standard Minecraft server to give players an even bigger Minecraft experience.
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    Installing and Setting up your Minecraft for St0rm.net

    In this quick guide we will go through everything you need to do to get Minecraft set-up so you can join and play in the St0rm.net Minecraft server mc.St0rm.net

    First things first, you will need to make sure that your PC is capable of running the modified version of Minecraft that our server uses. If your PC can run Minecraft at all you've probably got all you need. But we recommend that you have at least 4GB of RAM in your PC as Minecraft will like to use as much ram as you can give it for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

    It also helps to have a high resolution, any modern monitor that can display 1280×1024 if it’s square or 1280×800 if it’s a wide-screen. But remember this is not a necessity!

    Step one: Installing Feed-The-Beast Launcher

    In order to quickly and easily connect to our server you will need to download the feed the beast launcher from http://www.feed-the-beast.com/

    Follow the link and scroll down to page until you reach the “Client Download” section as seen in the below screen shot:

    If you're on windows click either “Download (exe)” or “Download (jar)”, Alternatively if you are on an Apple or Linux system click “Download (jar)”

    Got that? Awesome! Now we need to move the EXE or JAR to a location you will remember, such as your desktop or applications folder.
    Now open the file and you will be presented with a first run window asking you where you want to save the data.
    On windows by default this will create a folder called FTB on your C:\ drive. If you are ok with this click apply and the launcher will start.

    On Apple or Linux products the default locations will fill in respectively. Just make sure you are OK with the save location on your PC and click apply.

    Step Two: Configuring the launcher

    Once the launcher has opened you will be presented with the list of modpacks OR the Feed the Beast News Feed, either start point is fine for this.

    In the top left quadrant of the window there is a settings tab, click on this and let's configure some settings.

    Now in the options menu there is a slider named RAM Maximum. By default it will be around 1.5GB. You'll need to change this according to the following table, feel free to play around with this if your Minecraft feels sluggish these are not set in stone only a guideline

    RAM in your PC Slider Setting
    2GB* 1.5GB
    4GB 2.5GB
    8GB 4GB
    8+GB 4GB
    *with only 2GB of System RAM you may run into performance problems. Close all non-essential programs such as web browsers or other games to get the best out of your system

    once this is set go back to the FTB Modpacks tab,

    Now we need to tell the launcher who you are, so in the bottom right click the drop down that says “Select Profile” and pick “Create Profile”; a new pop up box will appear asking for your Minecraft login and a name for the profile. once you've entered your Minecraft credentials click Add and we can proceed!

    Important note!: None of this information ever leaves your computer, it's only for the initial authentication with the Mojang servers, after that it's not looked at,

    Now for the modpack itself! In the left hand side of the window find the pack “FTB Infinity” it should look like the pack in the screenshots. Once you've found this click the drop down box that says “recommended” and change it to “1.10.1” this will make sure that you're always able to connect to our server.

    Once all this is done, hit launch! The launcher program will download Minecraft and all the necessary configurations and launch the game. Just one last step to go.

    Once it's launched all you have to do is add the server to the multiplayer list,
    if you've played on server before this should be easy but if not here's a quick once over on how to do it.
    From the main menu click “Multiplayer” now click “add Server” Input a memorable name and the server address “mc.st0rm.net” and click Done.

    Congrats! Its all set-up and ready to play. If you need any additional help just give one of our team a shout and we'll be happy to help you. Or if you have any suggestions on how to improve this guideline please let us know.

    Happy playing!

    The St0rm.net Minecraft Team

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