• St0rm.net's Team Fortress 2 section has grown to around 25-30 servers at any given time. Contained within are mostly Mann Vs. Machine servers, but also our highly popular and well known Trade server. Accompanying these are other various game modes such as Saxton Hale, Hell Tower, Freak Fortress, Death Run, Dodgeball and Deathmatch.

    Many players return multiple times and enjoy the highly welcoming atmosphere of St0rm. We run many plugins on the servers, including infinite money on some MvM servers, Roll the Dice, and others. An outstanding area that we pride ourselves on is our monitoring and low cheating rate compared with our playerbase. We have around-the-clock text based monitoring that enables us to see incidents unfold as they happen and respond to them quickly and expertly. Our staff originate worldwide with a multitude of languages available, and are trained in player management. Thanks to this, we are a very welcoming place to be.

    Enjoy your stay with St0rm.net's Team Fortress 2 section; we hope to see you on the forums!

    If you wish to make suggestions you can do so in the appropriate forum category, or PM one of the members of staff.

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