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New 09-04, 11:48
TF2 Mods/Players, please see the following post:
New 03-04, 11:07
And yes, as of 4/3/17, he has been away from st0rm for more then 2 months.
New 03-04, 11:06
Freaky tried CS:GO, but according to him, not many players joined. I'm not familiar with CS:GO, so read the posts to get a bit more understanding.
New 03-04, 06:18
Why not a counter strike 1.6 server? Or CS:GO, they're both decently popular games
New 03-04, 06:14
Months eh?
New 30-03, 17:33
Well, freaky has not been around for a couple of months now. And I'm not sure about Wilo..
New 30-03, 17:18
Well why's Wilo or Freaky not looking into it
New 30-03, 11:18
I think st0rm had a RenX. Not sure if would / is still up as st0rm's TF2 servers are slowly getting shut down.
New 30-03, 01:50
You guys have a renegade x server yet?
New 22-03, 12:54
Not all are down. The trade and a few MvM servers are still up. Surf sadly went down.
New 21-03, 19:46
Are all the Dedicated Servers down still ?
New 27-02, 11:13
Which server?
New 26-02, 17:28
New 26-02, 17:28
New 26-02, 17:28
there's a guy saying the sever is a private server
New 23-01, 16:37
Tf2 sourcemods has been down for a week
New 14-01, 15:44
The NMRIH server is going to be offline for up to 24hrs for re-setup
New 29-12, 20:27
New 29-12, 14:08
If anyone is able to get ahold of labrat, his steam account has been hacked.
New 25-12, 21:52
New 07-12, 17:18
TF2 servers are down! Don't forget to donate if you can!
New 24-11, 11:46
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
New 10-11, 13:58
New 09-11, 12:01
New 09-11, 12:01
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